Design and Implementation of a Smart & Portable Wireless FM Transmitter for Wide Range Communication

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Deborsi Basu
Abhishek Bhowmik


The evolution of smart technologies makes end users to choose portable, cost-effective and reliable devices for their daily life usage. The optimum service and superior quality of any such devices are always remain the centers of attraction for any customer. The advent of new technologies gives the smart FM transmitters also a unique shape. Depending on the dynamic requirements, the customer needs always changes with time. Keeping this fundamental issue in mind, in this work, we have designed and implemented a smart FM transmitter model keeping the key features in mind. Its small size, long battery life, and easy portability make it very useful to be used in day to day life. It has the potential of real-time noise cancellation features to get the optimum sound quality at the receiver end. The Digital Frequency Modulation Scheme has been used here to boost the signal strength for long-range communication. The used components are very cost-effective and reliable for prolonged use. The test case has given high-quality sound reception at the receiving end from the source end using our model. This smart transmitter section model has been found to be very effective for the future digital communication system. The specific station catching ability and low tone scanning capability make it superior to other existing similar kinds of devices. It can be used at home, or institutional premises, or any other distant trials for effective information exchange.

Frequency modulation, digital communication, transmitter, receiver, noise cancellation, fm transmitter.

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Basu, D., & Bhowmik, A. (2020). Design and Implementation of a Smart & Portable Wireless FM Transmitter for Wide Range Communication. Journal of Engineering Research and Reports, 15(2), 28-42.
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